The Contributions of Al Francesco to the Blackjack World

Just like other professional blackjack players, Al Francesco has made remarkable contributions to the blackjack industry. Because of his accomplishments in the field of blackjack, this professional blackjack player has been known not only in the United States but also in other parts of the world. Let us find out more about the life of Al Francesco, who will be forever grateful to professional blackjack player Edward O. Thorpe. It was Thorpe's book titled "Beat the Dealer" that really inspired Al Francesco to do well in playing blackjack. Well, with all the achievements of this professional blackjack player, such book seems to be a very effective one.

Al Francesco began playing gambling games at the age of nineteen years old when he was still residing in Gary, Indiana. He was particularly fond of playing Greek Rummy and his success in playing such game proved him to be a good player of games of chances.

From Gary, Indiana, Al Francesco relocated to California. And this was when he had the opportunity to read the book "Beat the Dealer," by Edward O. Thorp. Al Francesco became hooked in reading the book, which eventually inspired him to learn more about blackjack. Such book introduced him to the Ten Count system of Thorp, and so he did not waste any more time to learn more about such system. As soon as he gained adequate knowledge about card counting and the Ten Count system, he then tried his luck by joining professional blackjack games.

Unfortunately, the first time that Al Francesco tried playing professionally, he was having a difficult time applying the Ten Count system. So he decided to study and practice more until he mastered such system. His vast preparation allowed him to confidently visit casinos and other gambling facilities to play professional blackjack. During such time, this professional blackjack player was experiencing success left and right. What made him even more popular was the fact that during that time, there were only a few players who excel in playing professional blackjack.

It was in 1971 when Al Francesco came up with the team strategy. Such concept was very successful until it was cut short in 1975, when professional blackjack player Ken Uston discussed lengthily in his book "The Big Player" all about the secrets of Al Francesco's team concept. Although the career of Al Francesco was ruined for a time, he remained to be an inspiration to most professional blackjack players as more and more blackjack teams started to emerge. This also prompted him to put up another team, but this time with professional blackjack player Arnold Snyder.

Nowadays, Al Francesco may not be seen playing blackjack as frequent as before. Nevertheless, he still participates in events whenever he has time. This professional blackjack player, who also became an inductee into the Blackjack Hall of Fame, is also developing a Web site, is pursuing his passion for horse racing, and is working in a bank in California.